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I’ve never tracked the hours, but I know that as we approach the third anniversary of life in a pandemic, I’ve spent more time watching Netflix in the past years than ever before. And I’m not just watching their movies and shows. I’m also watching their business success.

Of course, part of that success can be attributed to the pandemic lifestyle changes of people like me: more time at home = more demand for at-home entertainment. Circumstances created the opportunity for Netflix to serve more people. But they weren’t alone in that industry.

However I dunno what the future will bring for those fast-growing business models. Will they find a way to adopt and stay competitive with all the new providers out there? Or will they crack under the pressure making us remember the carefree (or not so carefree?) netflix chill days through the melancholy.

Que sera, sera – until then, what Netflix show/movies are you binging (is that a word)?

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